Why this name?

A few years ago, my oldest son and I were goofing around and he was trying to prove that he was geekier than his mama. He likes to ignore the fact that I’m the one who introduced him to all the things he geeks out over. This particular argument revolved around Star Trek I believe (but I might be mistaken – we’ve had a lot of the same kind of discussion).

He copped a little attitude with me, in a playful way, trying to make the argument, again, that he was right and I was not (even with proof in front of him). I told him that he was but a knave and I was the Queen of this Geekdom.

For a while after that, it was a bit of a joke between us. Now, he’s 13, going to be 14, and that game isn’t played as often as he’s busy with his friends (as it should be), but, for now, I’m still Queen of my Geekdom. I like the way that sounds and it always makes me smile. I don’t think I could think of a better name for the new blog if I spent days trying to be clever.


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