Not a bad problem to have

My biggest problem with my writing is this: everything wants to be a novel. I have all these great ideas and I so badly want some of them to be short stories. I want for some of these things to be able to be written, rewritten and sent off without having to go through 90,000 some words.

Writer’s block isn’t something I have to deal with very often. When I get stuck, I just change projects. That’s not to say that sometimes I can’t write but it isn’t for lack of ideas but lack of motivation or confidence.

I have this short story that I would love to keep short. Unfortunately, there’s too much story for even 10,000 words without it feeling rushed and full of info-dumps. Humbug. I have too many projects right now so it’s going to get shoved in the Sarah’s Stuck file for the next stumbling block I hit on my current projects.


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