Dr Who Box

Every Christmas, I like to make presents for people. It’s one of the lovely traditions passed down from my mother. This year, my youngest child asked for an “info quality box” which I have zero clue what that is and I imagine he got the words from one of the websites he likes to visit. So, I came up with something that could fit that description and, once I’d made one for the youngest, I made one for the oldest.

The youngest child’s box is all Pittsburgh Penguins but the oldest child is currently most obsessed with Dr Who.

Supplies: one plain, unstained wood box (I got mine at Walmart). Woodburner. Stain. Template – computer, ink jet printer, paper, good pencil.

1. using your computer and ink jet printer, design and print your template so that it is a mirror image.

2. Place template, ink side down, on wooden surface. Using your pencil, rub the back of the paper hard. This will transfer the inkjet ink onto the wood.

3. Using your woodburner, go over the template.

4. Stain the wood and allow to dry.

Finished product looks like this:

2014-07-08 11.19.06 2014-07-08 11.19.15

It helps that oldest kid’s initials are DW. I put a little gallifreyan on the rear side of the box for snarfs and giggles.



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