Stories and Soundtracks

Some writers work best in silence. I will never be one of those writers. For me, music and writing go hand in hand. The music I listen to will influence the story I’m working on. I love Pandora because I can tailor a station to suit what I’m aiming for with any particular story.

When I’m writing fantasy, I want sweeping scores, Lindsey Stirling, and rock and roll played by orchestras. Horror will always be accompanied by classical with a little opera and the occasional bit of heavy metal. Science fiction comes from metal, punk, and various electronica. For some reason, any work with an urban fantasy flair comes with classic rock and hairbands. Right now, I’m working on something with a decidedly (I hope) cyberpunk aesthetic. For this, the Juno Reactor station has been just about perfect.

Some stories, even years later, I can remember exactly what song was playing while writing certain parts. I can’t imagine I’m the only one.  What do you write to?


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