Hummingbirds and Harry Potter

I’m going back and forth today between the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family and my hummingbird feeder. These things don’t seem connected in the slightest and they aren’t.

I get emotional when my favorite characters in books and movies die. Overly so? Maybe. For most of my life, my closest friends were made of paper and film. It’s easier to be close to people who don’t really exist. Much easier than making connections with flesh and blood people who can hurt you, whose disappearance from your life can leave you empty. At least on paper and film, they’re never really gone – you can rewatch or reread a book whenever you like and there they are, whole again.

I get a little weepy when certain characters die. Sometimes a lot weepy (with Spock most especially). I get a little weepy when certain series come to a close for good. My kids laugh at me and the hubster teases me a bit. It is how I’ve always been, probably how I’ve always been.

The characters don’t even have to be people. When the Enterprise gets hurt, when Baby (Metallicar) gets hurt, a certain snowy owl, and a horse in a swamp… my heart breaks over and over every time.

It’s probably a good thing I haven’t lost very many flesh and blood people who are really close to me.

I think I want to end on a happier note here so have a picture of my cat, Castiel in his jar of dirt (apparently, I should have named him Jack).



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  1. I totally understand you 🙂


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