Lucy and my kid

The oldest boy, the hubster, and I are watching American Ninja Warrior tonight and the commercial for the upcoming movie, Lucy, comes on. I grumbled a bit to myself because the premise is irksome. The oldest boy, however, impressed the heck out of me.

He spent several minutes explaining all the reasons why the premise is flawed. For example, during the commercial, Lucy is able to change her physical appearance on a whim. How does “unlocking” the brain’s power have the ability to change that? Especially instantaneously? After explaining the process by which our hair color is determined, he went on to say that he can buy telekinesis but changing the physical appearance like that? Nopity nope.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s only 13. His arguments (which I have not included all of) were concise, logical, and well-founded. It makes me so proud to be his mom. We probably won’t watch Lucy, certainly not in the theater, as both of us would likely be too thrown by the flaws to enjoy it for the entertainment it is meant to be.


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