Webcomic Wednesday – Girl Genius

I love comics in all their forms but not all comics. There are some fabulous ones I’ve found online and I’d like to share them. It won’t be every Wednesday but, when it happens, it will be on Wednesday. Mostly because I love alliteration.

Today’s spotlight shall be shined upon the steampunky fabulousness that is Girl Genius.

When I first came across Girl Genius, I was immediately intrigued by the lead – a girl inventor! Exactly my kind of story. Over the next several days, in bits and pieces, I read the entire thing from the beginning. All the expectations I had based on the first panel I saw were fulfilled and then some.

Agatha is smart, resourceful, and self-reliant. She is also occasionally clumsy, mouthy, and not, as some strong female characters are, just a man with breasts. The secondary and tertiary characters are fun, well thought out, and useful. Though it does take a few times to adjust to the Jaggers speech patterns (or it did for me). The art is beautifully done and the concepts are awesome but, for me, that is secondary to the plot.

I’m always looking forward to the next page.

I do recommend reading it from the beginning. If you jump in where it’s at now, there’s a lot you won’t understand about what’s currently going on in the story. Girl Genius. New pages go online on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.



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