Disclaimers and Default Settings

Sometimes I feel like I need to introduce myself with a disclaimer when I meet someone new. Something along the lines of: Pay no attention to the weird that comes out of my mouth. My imagination’s default setting is creepy and the words tend to escape before I can catch them. Promise I’m not quite as messed up as I sound!

I can’t help it. Maybe it’s too many years of scary books and movies. Maybe it happens because I sometimes write creepy stories and they have to come from somewhere. Maybe it all stems from the fact that I fall asleep every night to Forensic Files. Maybe I’m just strange and creepy. Who knows.

The other day we were driving somewhere and on the side of the highway was a relatively clean green and white cooler. I said something about how it looked like it’d been set there, not like it had fallen off the back of a truck or something. The hubster wondered what was in it. Immediately, without thought or hesitation, I said “body parts.” Who is going to stop on a busy highway to see what’s inside a nondescript, millions in production, everyone has one in their basement cooler? If it were hunting season, the answer would probably be the case but they’d be deer parts and therefore uninteresting anyway. In reality it was probably someone’s picnic but what’s the fun in that?

It’s like my brain wants things to be creepy or disturbing. Here’s a lovely drawing of a pretty girl. Here’s a the story of how she died and became a lovely, if demented ghost! Look, a beautifully kept old house! There’s a haunting. Look, a shiny new house! Did you ever see Poltergeist?  There’s a lovely sunset view of a quaint little rural community! Bet this is where the aliens will attack first.

At least the hubster is accustomed to me by now (he’d better be after so many years!). I don’t think he thinks anything of it anymore. For me, these elements will, one day, make into a story (in one case, it already has and said story is looking for a forever home), but in the mean time, I’ll file them away in the neat and creepy section of my inspiration files and let them stew until there’s a plot to go with them.


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