Best Garage Sale Find

At least for under a dollar!

It’s a lovely day, the rain has finally stopped for a while, the sky has hints of actual blue in it. We decided to go yard sale hopping. (In other parts of the country: tag sales, garage sales, rummage sale, moving sale, etc.)

From the time I was a wee little girl, I’ve loved space. Blame Star Trek and Sally Ride I suppose. I have all sorts of books and various other things related to the space program (including a series of Russian stamps commemorating the Mir space station).

Today, searching through a garage full of stuff belonging to a woman who was very obviously a teacher, I stumbled across something awesome. An entire school activity program from 1993 called MASCOT.

2014-07-20 14.16.52      2014-07-20 14.19.43


For fifty cents, I’ve got the vhs, the teaching plans, the posters (including the one above for the proposed mars missions expected to be active in 2019). I can’t wait to go through it all and see what lovely things me and the kids can learn! Best fifty cents I’ve spent in a long time!

As I go through things, I may post about this again if I find things that are especially interesting or neat.


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