Sharknado The Second One

The first Sharknado was bad. So very deliciously bad. But – you weren’t really sure if the makers of the movie were actually intending to make a bad movie. Sharknado 2 has no such uncertainty. Sharknado 2 celebrated its awfulness in grand style. It also became a game of “where do I know that person from.”

There were homages to several classic movies and tv shows. I probably missed some but my oldest kid caught a few more than I’d expected him to. The cameos were frequent and plentiful, some of which I had to explain (like Richard Kind) but others, like Wil Wheaton, he spotted before I did. Make no mistake, it was entirely ridiculous. It was also the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. I just wish Tara Reid didn’t irritate me so much – I keep rooting for her to get all the way eaten.

I do hope there will be a sharknado 3 if only so I have a guaranteed night of laughter. It would be interesting to see where the sharknado would touch down this time and who all would show up to get eaten.


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