Family Time

I’ve been gone for a few days – off in the middle of no where with no wifi and pretty awful cell reception. I’m not much for fishing or really being disconnected but the kids had fun and we got to pal around with the brother-in-law and his wife and kidlet. This is the third year we’ve done it and the first year I took my laptop with me. Ultimately, I managed to get three short stories finished up and just about ready for submission.  I also made it to the fast food joint half an hour away on Wednesday to send in this week’s Face Off recap for The Geek Girl Project.  To top it all off, I read four books and actually caught two fish (this is surprising only because I really don’t like fishing).

Apparently I missed some really neat stuff – space probe Rosetta orbited a comet and sent back awesome and interesting pictures, Geek & Sundry got picked up by Legendary, and Guardians of the Galaxy is doing super well in theaters (one of these day’s I’ll get to see it).

I won’t lie – I’m super glad to be home. Now I’ve got to get ready for the youngest child’s birthday on Saturday (how is it possible he’s going to be eight??) and ready for the school year (only 13 days!).  I love my kids but I am really ready for school to be back in session. It’s going to be a busy two weeks but after that there shall be many many words and maybe I’ll get my two current projects finished up.


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