Today is a day for counting. Counting down the days until school is back in session (10!). Counting the words I’ve written on a story that started becoming something more than a tiny kernel of a thing I chewed on while falling asleep. Counting loads of laundry and dishes. Later maybe I’ll count how many things I can kill before I die in Doom 3 (so far my grand total is five…). Some of those numbers will be higher than others…

I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with this story. I don’t usually write from this perspective or in this style but it fits the character and her story so it must be done. Besides, if it sucks, I can change it around later. I like using a more open POV for the most part. A nice limited third seems to be my comfort zone. I’ve played in other POVs before when the story (or assignment) called for it but first person is something I’ve purposefully stayed away from. Mostly because I tend to go on tangents in first person that I don’t or can’t in third. Second person is a nice exercise but it doesn’t really lend itself toward my style and feels gimmicky.  This story wouldn’t work quite as well in third I don’t think.

The story has been sort of hanging out in the back of brain, trying to find the right voice. It’s probably been lurking for a few months now. I was puttering around yesterday and came across a market I’d like to try with this story and, while I’m not sure I’ll have this project finished within the submission window, now I need to finish the story. I can’t try if I’ve got nothing to submit. If need be, I’ll sit on it when it is finished until one it opens back up again or until I find another market that will work.

I’m procrastinating at the moment because I’m looking for a word that I can’t think of. It is just beyond my reach. I know I know this word and I know I’ll think of this word. Unfortunately, it will probably be when I’m busy and can’t write it down and then I’ll forget it again. Now, I’ll add these nearly four hundred words to my daily count and get back to work.


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