Star Wars for the First Time

I think it would be amazing to go back in time and watch Star Wars for the first time again. The closest I will ever get is watching my kids experience it for the first time. Star Wars is one of my favorite things and, as such, it’s played more often than many many other movies. I should also note that we watch the original theatrical release (they’re on the bonus discs of the remastered box set).

Apparently, though the movies have been on in the house, my youngest child never really paid attention – more interested in searching for commercials in german on YouTube. We had a dreary day on vacation and I’d brought the set so we started watching. Only made it through A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Today is dreary and we are watching my favorite – Return of the Jedi.

Watching my kid watch these for the first time is about the most fun I’ve had all summer. He’s told the Rancor that “Luke is not for eating,” declared the battle on the sand barges to be epic, cheered when Boba Fett falls into Sarlac, and yelled at Salacious Crumb for hurting C3PO.

He gets a little concerned when the heroes split up for any reason, always concerned that something will happen to the others (thanks Empire Strikes Back). He did better about Yoda’s death than I expected but mostly because Obi Wan’s ghost showed up. He cried when he thought the Emperor would kill Luke, cheered when Vader became Anakin again, and giggled through the yub nub song. Can’t beat that.

Outside of the core group, I think his favorite character is Ackbar, he keeps running around saying “It’s a trap!” As fun as this has been, it’s a little sad to know it will never happen again. You can only experience something for the first time once. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here, how often he asks to watch it on rainy days.


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