Not going as expected

Pretty much nothing about this week is going as expected. I find myself wanting to curl into my music and writing and not do much else but laundry and dishes are piling up and they must be attended to. Dad’s back in the hospital (again) and hopefully this time the doctors will get things squared away. Fingers crossed on that one anyway. I did a dumb thing and forgot something important with no recourse past apologies already given. The youngest is fighting me pretty much daily with his homework (which would only take him fifteen minutes tops if he’d stop and look at it for a minute). At least the oldest isn’t in a snit about everything this week.

I did manage to get the Face Off recap up for the awesomeness that was the Judgematch and you can find that over at The Geek Girl Project if you’re interested. I also managed to get a few stories polished up and sent away but they were mostly ready and not really labor-intensive. I even managed to send off the queries that have been ready to go since mid-August.

I’ve not vanished or forgotten about this blog it’s just been one of those weeks. September needs to calm down and be nicer now. I still can’t believe it’s September already! Every year seems to go by just a little faster than the last.

Hopefully youngest won’t have homework today and oldest and I can finally sit down and watch the Doctor Who we missed on Saturday. It’s become increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers dang it.


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