Scary Movie Season

I love horror movies. I love the ones so campy they’re silly, the jump scare movies, the psychological scare movies, the purposely funny scary movies – I do love them all. Well, most all. I do avoid Nightmare on Elm Street if only because my nightmares are already way too vivid. My favorites are 28 Days Later, Candyman, the Hellraiser series, and Shawn of the Dead. Those are the movies I’ll go out of my way to watch if I can.

I started pretty young with the great classics. Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi and their ilk cemented the horror genre’s place in my heart (at least on screen). Off screen – Barker, King, and Rickman did the same.

There is one movie though that I have never seen. On purpose, I have never seen It. I did read the book about 30 times over the years (so many times that the damn thing fell apart on me). Which is why I never watched the movie. Someday, I do need to watch it – it’s got one of my all time favorite actors in a role that absolutely gives me the chills. Oddly, it is one of the movies that my horror-avoiding husband has seen and sometimes he teases me a little bit over my aversion to this movie. It freaked me out in ways I can’t even put words to. The first time I read it, I threw it across the room. I’ve never done that to another book before or since.

Right now, I’m watching The Dark Half and reminiscing about my other favorite horror movies. What horror movie is your favorite? What movie have you avoided?


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