Slightly anti-climactic

I had a bit of serendipity today. After my last post, when I saw that IT was playing on Spike today while my kids were at school, I figured I should probably go ahead and see it. I kind of wish I hadn’t. Not because it was scary but because it wasn’t. I’d built it up in my head to be a bit more wow than a kaiju arrow crab. Even Shelob and Aragog had more bite to them.

Apparently, I’m only really scared by movies aimed at children. Well, that’s all right by me I guess. It does mean relentless teasing my my husband and kids but that’s fine too. Hellraiser? no problem. Candyman, Halloween, Psycho? no problem. Scared little lost alien? problem. Wet furry mogwai? problem. And there was this movie that I’m not exactly sure was a real movie but I saw it when I was very very little (I think) and it may all have been in my head but it was about a tree that ate people? I do remember a root or branch coming up through the plumbing. That freaked me out for a long long time.


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