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Nanowrimo began six days ago and I’m already over 15,000 words and I think it’s the most productive I’ve been on any one project since the start of summer. I’m not sure if I like this project yet or whether or not I’ll change the POV to first in rewrites (seriously considering it though). I do know that there are words and not all of them suck so I’m ahead of the game.

I do wish I was better able to hold myself accountable for actual writing. Saying I’ll write every day is fine and dandy and more often than not, I do accomplish that to some extent but nanowrimo brings with it that lovely counter and those buddies whose very presence holds me accountable for making my minimum words daily. I don’t actually communicate with any of them about nanowrimo but I keep an eye on where they are, assume they do the same for me, and bam! instant faux-accountability. If I could write all the time like I do in November, I’d have a lot more books out there looking for homes or available to purchase. It’s something to work on, I guess.

I’m glad words are moving again – they’ve been incredibly stubborn as of late. Now, I just need to work a little harder on getting my words to people who might like to read them! Speaking of which, I have several short stories taking up space on the old hard drive that I really ought to be submitting. Maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow. Tonight, I need to get a few more words in before I call it a day. I hope any of you who are doing nanowrimo are having success with it!


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