Almost to the fun part

I’m just about done with the decorating part of Christmas. I just have the dining room table and the village to put up. Due to decorating day being so late this year, I’m a bit behind schedule but, I should hopefully get it done today. Then I get to  move on to the next fun part!

Every year, I do my best to make things for those closest to me. I am struggling a bit to figure out what to make this year though. I do ornaments for the kids, usually something a bit on the geeky side. I’ve done Mario mushrooms, a dalek, a teenage mutant ninja turtle head, and Peppa Pig (for the youngest). This year, I’m not sure what to do! I thought about maybe doing the insignia of each kid’s favorite superhero (so, the Flash, Batman, and maybe Spiderman for the nephew). If I’m careful, those should be easy enough but I’m not quite sold on it yet. I might do tiny sonic screwdrivers for my kids but nephew doesn’t watch Doctor Who so I’d have to think of something else for him. I could also do Star Trek but again, would have to think of something else for the nephew. I’m very frustrated because I want to do something neat but I have to make sure it’s something I can actually do as well. My mom was the artist in the family, not me.

I have ideas for the holiday makings for the women in the family, but not the men so much. I’m the only geeky one in the family (except for my kids) so most of the stuff I would think of is immediately crossed off the list. Last year, I did a lot with my woodburner (including an eagle globe and anchor plaque for the husband – eagle feathers quickly became the bane of my existence). So, men out there reading this – ideas would be helpful! We’ve also done bbq rubs and thumbprint ornaments already.

When I was little, it was not unusual for my mom to make quite a lot of my presents and, as an adult, those gifts have always been the ones I think about when I remember Christmases past. We also made a lot of things for other people – soaps, candies, candles and the like. I loved Making Days as much as Baking Days. If my mom were still around, making something for her would be easy – something Trek or Who. Apparently, I need to work a little harder to get everyone on board the geek-wagon. It would make Making Day so much easier!



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2 responses to “Almost to the fun part

  1. Oh wow, all those handmade gifts sound incredible. I’m jealous you can make stuff like that! Tell me your secrets lol! I’m sure inspiration for your nephew will strike you soon. Does he like Transformers or Sonic? Maybe a dragon?


    • There’s really no secret. If it isn’t fairly easy, it’s probably not going to happen as I have virtually zero artistic skill. Most crafty things are really just about patience (and not being afraid to mess it up twenty times before you get it right!)

      With the woodburner, it’s as simple as following a pattern. If you have an inkjet, print the image backwards and lay it over the wood and then use a pencil- rubbing quickly and relatively firmly – and viola! all you have to do after that is have a careful hand.

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