So so impatient. I’ve never been good at waiting and I’ve discovered that is only getting worse with age. You’d think I’d get it figured out – I’ve had 35? years to settle down but nope. Can’t do it. I’m the one counting sleeps until Christmas, not the kids. I’m the one who can’t sleep and they’re actually sleeping in! The short one slept 30 minutes past his usual internal alarm. I hope he doesn’t do that tomorrow. I want to hear the fourteen year old erupt in fangirly squeals and the eight year old discover whatever it is that he absolutely needed but didn’t know existed. I love that.

I love Christmas. For a multitude of reasons. This is the time of year I feel closest to my mom – 19 years without her doesn’t really make that connection weaker, just a bit less hurtful. Halloween and Christmas were the high points of our year. We’d make stuff, bake stuff, and give it all away. We had traditions I’ve tried my best to keep going with my kids. Every year she made (or in one case had made) something special for me and I’ve tried to do the same for my boys. I haven’t managed yet something as awesome as the things she did, but I think I came close this year (I’ll post them friday – I’m hugely proud of them this year and might do a how-to for the Geek Girl Project blog later).

I’m also impatient for the end to one of my favorite writer’s Christmas Advent story. Val Griswold-Ford does an amazing story, a little bit at a time, as a present for her readers. If you like fantasy and magic, you’d love it. But start at the beginning. I think more people ought to be reading it. I think there are probably links to previous years advents there too – all worth reading.

This year, I get to host Christmas dinner. I don’t really do some of the traditional kind of stuff. For sides and desserts yes, but not the main course. Oldest child requested my venison meatloaf. Unfortunately, I have one person who won’t eat deer (because bambi? I guess she’s never seen a starving deer or witnesses one get hit – overpopulation is bad!) and one who won’t eat anything that mixes bacon with any other meat (and the bacon makes it so I don’t need egg and my grandmother is highly allergic) so we are also doing chicken on the grill and more venison (back straps are awesome). Year after next, it’ll be my year again and the goal is to have a dinner that is all stuff we gathered, hunted, or grew but that will depend on hunting season and the garden. And my ability to can what comes from the garden!

Today, I’m mainlining christmas carols (love Pentatonix’s Christmas album!) and getting the house ready and some of the prep work done for tomorrow. I’m antsy but trying to behave myself. Tonight, we go to the inlaws for Christmas Eve so I really only have a handful of hours to get a lot done. Then one more sleep until Christmas! I won’t manage to get online much (if at all) tomorrow so Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, I know I missed Hanukkah but happy that too! Oh, and Yule! and whatever else you celebrate!


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