Took Me Long Enough – Watchmen

I watched the movie years ago and enjoyed it. I bought the full glossy graphic novel for my brother that Christmas but I never got one for myself. Barnes and Noble had a sale and I saw it available for my Nook. It’s one of those things I’d been meaning to read for a long time and just hadn’t gotten around to it. Now I’ve read it and I am very glad I did.

It does belong on those lists of things people ought to read. And it cements Rorschach as one of my favorite characters ever. I do like to think of alternatives to his ending, like maybe the nonlinear Dr. Manhattan doesn’t rip his atoms apart but merely moves him some time into the future where humanity is back to normal, bickering amongst each other and in need of some masked heroes. Because that time will surely come and probably more quickly than it should. Ozymandias may have understood humanity – in the short term – but it won’t last. The peace is artificial and, at some point, when enough time passes without incident, it will be a fluke, not an invasion. It is a short term solution at best.

When I first saw the movie, I thought Jackie Earl Haley did a fabulous job as Rorschach. Now, having read the book, I can’t see anyone else doing half as good a job in that role. Also, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the Comedian was a brilliant bit of casting. The rest seem pretty interchangeable to me – the actors did excellent jobs but really, it could have been almost any decent actor in those roles. Except Ozymandias. He just wasn’t as “larger than life” as his graphic novel counterpart. But that’s all set dressing and of little importance.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled Hellblazer and the much too long list of books I want to read. Next up, Richard Kadrey’s Metrophage. I know I’m way late in reading it but I discovered Kadrey through his Sandman Slim books (so awesome) and I need a fix between now and when the new Sandman Slim novel so I’m giving this one a shot.


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