A New Year

So, 2015 has started. I hope it’s been good for you so far, but this is still a baby year. It has a lot of growing to do.

I know a lot of people do the resolutions thing but I’m not one of them. I never follow through with them anyway so it doesn’t seem beneficial for me. I have goals but that isn’t quite the same thing. I’ve just learned that, for me, making promises to myself one day a year does nothing in the long run. It has to be bigger than that.

Yes, like everyone else, I’d like to be healthier, more productive, more successful. I’m fairly certain that’s true for everyone in some fashion or another. Honestly, I’ll consider this year successful if me and mine make it to the end in one piece.

I am looking forward to Monday probably a little more than I ought to be. The kids finally go back to school (so long as the weather cooperates). I love my children but sometimes… In any case, I’m definitely looking forward to school! I’m looking forward to getting back in the swing of things writing wise and just in general. It’ll be good for the kids too, even if they really don’t want to go.


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