So far, so good.

2015 is starting out kindly (if we don’t count the many snow days). Oldest child went and got pictures taken of the inside of his eye and everything is settled now. He’s got some fibers there that obscure his cones and will have them for life, but he doesn’t have further issues. I cannot begin to tell you what a weight that lifted. Youngest child is showing some unexpected progress in ways that probably wouldn’t matter to most – he doesn’t really play with things the way you’re meant to usually. His uncle got him a Lego Mos Eisley for Christmas and since we’ve  had so many snow days, I put it together for him and he actually spent half an hour playing with it – pretending with the little figures like you’re meant to. I know it’s a strange thing to be happy about but, it’s the little things that matter most.

On the writing front, things are also going well. I’m rewriting and editing Demonborn and it is shaping up quite nicely. I’m hoping to have it off to first readers by the end of January. Better, one of my novels that are currently out in the land of submissions, has landed a full request. That’s no guarantee but it is very good news. Of course, I love the book but it is nice when other people show interest too. Maybe, before too long, I’ll have good news to share on that front. Right now, it’s more of a sit, wait, and hope. I’ve done all I can do for it, it’s entirely out of my hands now.

It also turns out that there’s a free sample of my book, Guardian of the Gods, as well as several others, available from Double Dragon over at Amazon. If you haven’t read the book, taking a little taste of it won’t cost a thing.

Face Off comes back on the 13th and I’m really looking forward to getting back to writing the recaps. I really enjoy doing it. Midseason hiatus breaks are wrapping up and nearly done which is also awesome. I still have my fingers crossed that Constantine can make it through this first season. Even with the change in time slots, I wish it was on a different night. I’ve got kids and as much as I love Constantine, it’s not really something I want them getting into just yet. One is a bit touchy and easily frightened and the other repeats everything (with accents).

For the time being, we’re sticking with Netflix though. I do wish Babylon 5 was on it but we’re watching Deep Space Nine, Dinosaurs, and Star Trek, the original series. There’s not a whole lot to do when it’s bitterly cold outside and school keeps getting cancelled. I’m going a bit stir crazy but I think that’s probably normal.


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