Interesting things

There are interesting things happening in my world of late. Very good things. In fact, this might be my best January on record. I hope it lasts. More details on some of those very good things will come in time. Most importantly, all my family members having issues have done pretty well this month – my grandmother’s hip was replaced without issue and now, maybe, she’ll be able to move without wincing, oldest boy’s eyes are fine, and my father is still working hard to follow his doctor’s orders. The other stuff is awesome but is also a bit like the cake to finish off the meal. Totally awesome triple chocolate cake with lemon curd filling.

I was working on a story today and it’s going very well, working through the rewrites as I’m changing the POV from the very rough draft and beating it into something resembling a decent draft. Then I needed to do a little work on something else. And make a few notes on yet another thing I’m working on. Even when it doesn’t seem like I’ve been writing as much as I should be, to me, I must be. There are too many projects going in various stages of completion for it to be otherwise. I always feel like I’m not getting enough done but the fact of the matter is, I’m writing more than I realize.

Every year, I promise myself that this will be the year that I remember to do word counting stuff but the way that I work just isn’t conducive to that and I never last more than a week. It’s a good gauge for some writers – noting the words produced – but apparently, it only works for me in November when I devote myself to one singular project from nothing to rough draft. Part of me wishes I could do it if only because I’m interested to see what that count might be.  I really thought I wasn’t getting much done this month on the writing front but when I flip from project to project, polishing, rewording, adding dashes of this and that, I can see the difference from where they were last month. Especially as one of them didn’t exist last month.

I’ll close on an absolutely unrelated bit. I could listen to Avi Kaplan (Pentatonix) sing anything. If I were given a choice on who I wanted to sing the soundtrack of my life, it would totally be him.


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