Snow snow and more snow

While I’m glad I don’t live in New England anymore right about now (those who do, please stay warm and safe!), we had enough snow where I’m at to be annoyed with it. I like winter, so long as I don’t have to go anywhere. I like snow, so long as I am looking at it from inside my cozy house with coffee in my hand. The problem I have now though is that all this snow also means snow days for the kids.

It’s hard to get motivated to work when I’d much rather cuddle up with them and watch netflix all day. Youngest one has discovered the joys of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Oldest one doesn’t know what he thinks of it but is thrilled to see Morpheus waving around an animated lasso and dancing around in chaps. I’m falling behind though and I need to do better. I’ve got a stack of books waiting to be read and a couple itching to be written and I’ll never get any of it done if I don’t get my butt in this chair and put my fingers to the keys.

And yet, I’m blogging instead. And later, I hope to be baking brownies for Supernatural night (if awesome husband remembers to bring me home butter because I don’t feel like making it right now). It’s not that I’m not thinking about my current wips, I am, I’m just finding it to be a bit of a struggle to produce actual words instead of just ideas. I really hope the kids have school tomorrow. It’s so much easier to write when they do. When they’re at school, I’m not distracted by the nostalgia available on Netflix or watching oldest boy play Spiderman.

Here’s hoping for tomorrow!


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