Characters we love to hate

They aren’t necessarily the big bads of their stories, maybe not the central villains, but what they bring to the story is depth and, for readers or viewers, a sense of great camaraderie with the heroes.

We’re having yet another snow day and spending the day huddled inside. We’re watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Kai Winn  is on. Oh how she makes my skin crawl. She is to DS9 what Delores Umbridge is to Harry Potter. Those are probably my favorite two right this moment but there are others (Q, Draco, Loki, etc). Watching them do what they do, reading about them doing what they do, it makes me furious on the behalf of the heroes. I wait and wait for them to get their comeuppance or, in some rare cases their redemption. And when it comes, as it must, there is a collective sigh of relief and cheers from the peanut gallery that there is hope yet that all will be right as rain someday.

It has been a great many years since I watched Deep Space Nine when it was originally on and I admit, I seem to have forgotten what comes of Kai Winn (don’t tell me! The boys and I have been watching and we’re just about to season 4). It’s really a very good show, better than I remember it being. That is more the difference between watching as a teenager and watching as an adult though.

Who are your favorite love to hate them characters?


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