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My heart is broken

When I was a little girl, before I understood the difference between actor and character, I decided I was going to marry Spock. He was, to me, perfect. Logical, stoic, brave, and still kind. I grew up some, understood the difference, and still my crush grew, not just for Spock but for the man who played him so brilliantly. So today, a light has gone out of my childhood, the brightest light, the safest light, the most enduring light. Leonard Nimoy is gone and my heart is broken.

spock┬áThe first time I watched The Wrath of Khan, my mother thought it was funny to let me cry for three hours (I’m really not exaggerating) before putting on Search for Spock. I want my sequel now – the one where this is all a mistake and he’s really fine somewhere.

There are very few actors who I can honestly say I cried for. Right now, I can’t stop. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and the millions of fans who will remember him, always.


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Ready for Spring

More snow days means that I have two children who love to irritate each other are home and that summer break is going to feel really quite short. I might complain for about two seconds on the last day of school that I should have just one more day to myself before “vacation” but really, I love summer break. At least in the summer, I can kick the boys outside when they’re all wound up. I’m tired of cold and snow. I am SO glad we aren’t in New England anymore.

I have things to do and it’s a lot harder to get those things done when my chatterboxes are home. The younger one is making commercials up (indestructible valentines box, only $19.99 and $8 shipping and handling) or reciting Adam Sandler or Chris Farley SNL sketches. The older one is talking me through the story he’s working on. I love them but I’ve got stories of my own I’m supposed to be working on this week. Not to mention a review of something pretty neat.

Fingers crossed that next week there will actually be school.

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Great News!

Back in January, I alluded to some good things that were happening in my little world and now I get to talk about one of them! My novel, Hunter’s Crossing, was accepted by Boroughs Publishing Group. I’m really looking forward to being hip deep in edits and making this book the best it can be.

You might think I’d be dreading edits but you’d be wrong. I’ve only had two or three instances where it pained me to “kill my darlings” as they say but I did it anyway because it needed to be done. I like seeing what someone who doesn’t live inside my head and see things the way I do has to say.

There will be more to post about this, I’m sure, as the process goes on. Now, I’m going to go back to doing my happy dance while I get some housework stuff done.

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