Ready for Spring

More snow days means that I have two children who love to irritate each other are home and that summer break is going to feel really quite short. I might complain for about two seconds on the last day of school that I should have just one more day to myself before “vacation” but really, I love summer break. At least in the summer, I can kick the boys outside when they’re all wound up. I’m tired of cold and snow. I am SO glad we aren’t in New England anymore.

I have things to do and it’s a lot harder to get those things done when my chatterboxes are home. The younger one is making commercials up (indestructible valentines box, only $19.99 and $8 shipping and handling) or reciting Adam Sandler or Chris Farley SNL sketches. The older one is talking me through the story he’s working on. I love them but I’ve got stories of my own I’m supposed to be working on this week. Not to mention a review of something pretty neat.

Fingers crossed that next week there will actually be school.


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