My heart is broken

When I was a little girl, before I understood the difference between actor and character, I decided I was going to marry Spock. He was, to me, perfect. Logical, stoic, brave, and still kind. I grew up some, understood the difference, and still my crush grew, not just for Spock but for the man who played him so brilliantly. So today, a light has gone out of my childhood, the brightest light, the safest light, the most enduring light. Leonard Nimoy is gone and my heart is broken.

spock The first time I watched The Wrath of Khan, my mother thought it was funny to let me cry for three hours (I’m really not exaggerating) before putting on Search for Spock. I want my sequel now – the one where this is all a mistake and he’s really fine somewhere.

There are very few actors who I can honestly say I cried for. Right now, I can’t stop. My thoughts go out to his family and friends and the millions of fans who will remember him, always.


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