Older, wiser, not quite grown up.

I have journeyed another revolution around the sun. I had to actually count to figure out that I’m 36 today. I may be an adult but I am no grown up. It drives my grandmother a bit bats, that I’d rather buy toys and dress like a dorky teenage boy than look and act like the business woman that I am not. I would have made a very bad business woman. I’m much better at being a writer and a mom and a geek.

I’m very lucky that my husband is as big a kid as I am. Our interests may lie in different areas but we geek out over these things just the same. He might roll his eyes but he doesn’t get all annoyed with me either when I go mushy over all things Spock or squeal over the greenlight collectibles little version of the Impala.

I don’t want to grow up. I have no plans any time soon of doing so. Life is much more fun if you don’t. I don’t mean not being an adult and taking care of the things that need taken care of but let me be an adult without being a grownup. To me, that sounds just about perfect.




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2 responses to “Older, wiser, not quite grown up.

  1. JR

    What does your husband geek out over?


    • Motorcycles, military stuff (esp Marines), and hunting. Their idea of “conventions” are a little different but having been to vintage motorcycle days, it’s the same basic idea.


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