A Blessing and A Curse

I’ve written about my over-active imagination before. Maybe not on this blog, possibly on twitter or my old LiveJournal. It’s a bit like the force – My mother had it, I have it, my children have it. It’s just much less useful. For me, it means that freshly turned earth makes me think of zombies, coolers on the side of the road make me think of serial killers, bits of rope dancing in the bed of a truck going 70mph down the high way bring to mind wiry brownies (the fae type creature, not the food).

It is a blessing in that it helps me create interesting and sometimes odd things in my stories. It is a curse only when it steps a little too close to reality. Like today.

I am a very vivid, lucid dreamer and more often than not, I remember my dreams at least pieces of them. Last night, I dreamed of bees. Specifically a queen bee in my bedroom. For me, this is not a happy dream as I am allergic to bees and they make me nervous. I woke up a bit out of sorts and trying to remember why the bee was important.

Today I had planned to work on getting the garden ready and put some peas in. I got about half the space for the peas cleared, turned, and planted and then I apparently disturbed some bees. Whether they’re in the ground or in the garage I’m not exactly certain but I annoyed them enough that three of them decided to start zipping around me pretty close. The kids and I retreated inside for a good long while for everyone to settle out and now I’m left to obsess over the meaning of the bee. I can’t shake it, won’t shake it, it will drive me bats until I find some way to use it in a story. It will bother me more because of the dream.

In stories I write and stories I like to read, dreams often are of great importance, showing something to the dreamer that maybe they don’t understand but does turn out to matter.

So, I didn’t get done what I wanted today, I’ll go back to it tomorrow. I still have some time before I can really get into the planting of things anyway. We usually start that around mother’s day. I’ll get more peas in somewhere as the kids eat them as fast as they grow and I may never actually get enough to can any. But I’m determined to try. I suppose if gardening is not on my list for the rest of the day, I should probably clean a little, write a little, and read a little more of the final Odd Thomas book (highly recommended series by the way).


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