Busy girl

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. All in all, it’s been fun though. I’m just not as far along on some of my projects as I wanted to be because of it.

I now have places to put things!

I now have places to put things!

We finally got the cabinets for our kitchen. They were a lot easier to install than I’d thought they’d be. Once my husband figured out where the studs were anyway since the finder doesn’t work well with lath and plaster. In any case, they’re up and I’m finally putting my kitchen back together. Not just putting it back together but getting to get things out of boxes that have been in boxes forever. I’ve got a couple of boxes of my  mom’s kitchen stuff that I’ve never been able to put away. Which means I’m also having to restore and re-season a cast iron dutch oven. But it’s so pretty. Eventually, we’ll replace the rest of the cabinets and do the floor and then it will be done. My youngest child has decided it’s like walking into the wrong house but he’s adjusting. Once I’ve got the kitchen put to rights, I’ll get started on the dining room.

I’ve got several releases going on – Hunter’s Crossing, Sha’Daa Facets, and coming very soon, Hardwired Humanity. I’m working on a couple of projects writing wise and haven’t gotten nearly as much done as I wanted over this last week.

In my downtime I’m reading Doug Bradley’s book Behind the Mask of the Horror Actor and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Bradley’s book is very interesting and, if you enjoy makeups, movies, or horror, it’s worth reading. The Road is very depressing. Beautifully written but depressing. I can only take a little bit of that one at a time. After I’m done with that – I need to read something happy and fluffy.

For now, I need to get back to work on something else really neat.


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