Passing in a blur

Whenever I stop to think about it, I realize just how fast this year is passing by. I say the same thing every year but it doesn’t make it less true. It always feels like the year is moving faster than it should be. The days sometimes seem to take forever but weeks and months are gone like nothing. It’s already May! I have to get my garden put together if I’m going to have any chance of producing enough of anything.

I was really hoping to be done with Demonborne by now but other things took priority status. I’ve got four longer projects (one novel rough draft, one novella rewrite, two novel rewrites) I’m working on plus a few things out in submission that I’m really hopeful about. That doesn’t count the short stories floating around in my head or the poetry I keep putting off or any of the household or crafty projects on my plate. I need to get better at dividing my time between all the things I’m trying to get finished (or started). I can’t really use April as a basis for anything though as it was such an exciting month for me. I’m still riding the wave of excitement and inspiration as a matter of fact.

On one hand, I’d like time to slow down a little bit and let me get more things done. On the other hand, the faster time passes, the closer I am to Mad Max and Deadpool. (A girl’s got to have priorities…) I’ve gotten my writing for today done as I have a bunch of house stuff that really needs to get done. At least there were words – even if they were revision words (and boy are they making the difference between an ok story and an I want people to read this story).  Later I really really need to do a couple of crits for my crit group before the admins boot me out! Being busy isn’t a bad thing but I should probably try and maybe not start so many projects at the same time.


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