Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom

My mom

To the moms out there – have a lovely day 🙂

For me, Mother’s Day is a bit of a mixed bag. I love being a mom but I miss being a daughter. I lucked out in the mother-in-law department. I have an awesome stepmom and grandmother. I don’t want to detract from them but this is one of the days that I miss my mom the most. Generally, it’s Christmas, Halloween, mother’s day and the anniversary of her death that hit me. Her birthday doesn’t hit me so hard but I don’t know why.

My mother was pretty awesome and died much too young. She passed many things on to me – my love of books, my dislike of cleaning, my overly sensitive skin, my obsession with all things fantasy/scifi/horror, and my big mouth that likes to get me into trouble. I am only the Queen of my Geekdom because she was Queen first and raised this princess up dreaming of swords, telephone boxes, and space ships instead of castles, carriages, and princes.

I took her for granted before she got sick (because honestly what sixteen year old doesn’t take their mom for granted?) and didn’t have nearly enough time, or the maturity, to tell her all the ways I looked up to her. I don’t know that we would have been as close as we were when I was little if she’d survived to see my adulthood but I like to think that we would, more or less anyway.

Being a mom myself is something I always knew I was meant to do. If pregnancy didn’t seem hellbent on trying to kill me, I’d

My Boys.

My Boys.

probably have more kids but I love the two I’ve got more than I ever believed possible.  I can’t imagine a life in which I am not a mother. No matter how frustrated I get with them or how obnoxious they are to each other they are the best things I’ve ever had a hand in creating. I wish more than anything that my mom was here to know my boys but I settle for telling them all about her and sharing with them her obsessions and quirks. I try to be the best mom I can be and I think I’m doing pretty well, if my boys are any indication.

If you are reading this and a – live somewhere May 10 is Mother’s Day, b – haven’t done so already, and c – have one available to call, please call your mother. If you’re reading this and are a mother – Happy Mother’s Day!


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