Every once in a while something happens that I swear has already happened before. I think everyone gets that sometimes. I wonder if everyone also sometimes feel like they know something – absolutely, without a doubt, 100% fact KNOW something – when a search/inquiry shows that the thing you know is wrong or doesn’t exist at all. Sometimes it feels like someone has changed the timeline and I’m the only one that remembers things the way they are supposed to be. It’s worse when I’m tired and have convinced myself that one title is another title that is close but not exact.

In the story I’m working on now, one of the elements is very much like Ezekiel’s wheel. When I’d written out my rough draft, I did scant bits of research on the fly and didn’t write down anything more than my answers so I have this name for my wheel within a wheel and, when I look it up, the word itself does not exist. It’s going to exist now because I think I’m going to use it but where the hell did I pull it from before? There’s a slim chance it’s a misspelling but even using the possible misspelling, all I get is a company that makes custom rims. I refuse to call it an elaborate, cosmic gyroscope. So, I suppose its is now an Orpim Wheel for purposes of this story. I only wish I knew where I got that word, if I was looking through Mesopotamian, Sumerian, or Egyptian lore when I found it. In this instance, it really feels like I got the name from somewhere but Google tells me it is only an antibacterial.

It is possible I will learn this lesson and start keeping track of where I get interesting facts but the odds are this exact thing will happen again and it will frustrate me just the same and I will again tell myself that I should really start making note of WHERE I’m researching stuff.


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