I don’t understand

There are probably a lot of things I don’t understand but for the purposes of this page, we’re going to limit it to one specific thing. A friend of mine posted a link to an article today about things not to say to women who don’t have children. I read it and I really want to know who are the people out there who actually say these things? I know I rarely leave my house but, if the internet is to be believed, every woman snarks at every other woman who didn’t make exactly her choices in life. If that’s the case, and all I know are the outliers, then yay for me but it must suck for everyone else.

There are articles on why every brand of woman shouldn’t be judged. Awesome. I just don’t understand why we need them. Have people really become so rude to each other that they need etiquette lessons on how not to be a super awful person?

The only comments I’ve ever had on my life choices came from family and were absolutely expected if only because there are people who need to complain and if they don’t have something to complain about their day is not complete and it’s only fair that I get some of those complaints directed at me. I’ve never had a stranger say anything judgy to me. According to my anxiety, they are certainly thinking it but no one has ever put their judgement into words.

I am a stay at home mom who breastfed both her children. And now I can think of one judgement passed on me but even that wasn’t words (they just left the room or avoided me entirely for 18 months) and said more about them than me as some people are very uncomfortable around breastfeeding women.  A lot of people don’t consider my job a job but it is and I work at it for several hours every day. I was raised by an awesome single mom who did her best and I don’t judge moms who go to work because my favorite mom ever worked every day to provide for our little family.

In my head, there are people I judge a little – mostly anti-science people – but I go out of my way not to comment unless asked directly and just sort of ignore them. And bigots. I do judge bigots pretty harshly and that one I’m not so quiet about.

Is it really a thing to be met by such awfulness in the real world? to be pointed at and judged for things that are no ones business at all? If it is, I think I’ll continue being the hermit that I am because that is not a world worth knowing.



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3 responses to “I don’t understand

  1. We live in a planet of free.. therein lies the lessons and challenges. 😉


    • Free choice doesn’t really explain why people want to belittle other people’s choices. the ability to choose doesn’t suddenly make people need to be awful to each other.


  2. I meant ‘free choice ‘


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