All the Shows I’ve Loved Before

When I find a new show that I really like I figure it’s either going to go FOREVER or going to fall to an early demise. Especially lately.

I loved Firefly. I loved Surface. I loved Almost Human. I loved Constantine. Terriers, My So Called Life, Moonlight, and I’m sure there are others I can’t think of right now. Basically, if I love a show, it’s probably going to die a quick death. Supernatural and Doctor Who are simply juggernauts that cannot be stopped (and I came late to the party to – season 2 and the Fourth Doctor respectively) and the X-files started before I became a jinx.

I really hope they renew Killjoys. I’m coming in late to the party which is probably in its favor but I am really loving it. More of you should be watching it. If you liked the shows I listed above, especially that first one, you’re likely going to like Killjoys. It is so much better than the next episode of Famous People Who are Famous for no Reason I Can Determine or Houses I Will Never Be Able to Afford.

I admit, there is a heavy sci-fi/fantasy bias in my favorite tv. And in my favorite movies, books, and comics too. It isn’t that I don’t watch reality tv. I do. Just not reality tv that is entirely based on people being awful to each other. There’s enough of that in actual reality. When I watch reality tv, I like art shows – the early years of Project Runway (not so much now), Face Off, I liked Top Design a bit, the new Steampunk’d is fun but limited and I like survival shows – Naked and Afraid (not so much XL  as there’s too much nastiness), Survivorman, Bear Grylls does anything.

I am really enjoying Killjoys. There’s a Space Western flare like Firefly. It’s a lot like Firefly actually. It works. It works really well. I hope it lasts longer than this one season. It is fabulous. And now I’m going to go watch another episode.



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4 responses to “All the Shows I’ve Loved Before

  1. JR

    What did you love about Constantine? When I heard he was going to return in the new Legends of Tomorrow series, I binged the whole season but never really fell in love with it.


    • I thought he was on arrow not Legends I was looking forward to seeing him match wits with Oliver!

      I really like his comics. A lot of people were expecting Keanu’s Constantine and Ryan played it more like the comics.

      I like the attitude he brought to it, the flippancy. It was like watching the graphic novels for me. I thought the changes they made to the Lester/possession storyline were well played. I was pleased with the changes to Chaz as well. Not so much Zed but only because I know where her story line goes and I can’t see that playing well on TV.

      I could really keep going for a long time. I think it’s one of those times when I love the character so much that I’m willing to forgive a lot to see someone play him well who sounds like him, looks like him, moves like him.


  2. JR

    Awesome. I have never read the comics but I love comic movies and tv shows so I figured I’d try out another new character. I just found an article about him coming to Arrow to pave the way for another character to join Legends of Tomorrow. I guess I misread it the first time. That’s fantastic. I think he and Oliver will have a lot to talk about. I hope we get to hear what he thinks of the Lazarus pit.

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    • John Constantine is one of my favorite antiheroes. Him and Rorschach are wonderful, horrible, flawed heroes. They try to do their best but, for different reasons, they keep mucking it up. To me I think they’re more real than some of the other supers because they are so flawed.


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