Some people are awful

I read a thing today I wish I hadn’t read. In San Francisco there is a lawsuit basically trying to get the courts to declare a 9 year old boy with autism as a public nuisance. He may be ten now, I can’t quite tell by the article. I’m about to rant about this article that you can read for yourself here: Autism Society San Francisco.

Things you should know – I have a 9 year old boy who is autistic. If it were my neighbors filing this awful lawsuit, I can only imagine how livid I would be. I know we only see one side of this lawsuit but it really reads like stuff that any little kid might do, not just a kid with autism.

I can only imagine what our neighbors think when we’re in full meltdown at our house. I want to find this family and hug them and comfort them and tell them that their kid isn’t the problem – awful people just can’t help being awful. Perhaps that will someday be known as a disability. We’ll send them to empathy therapy and manners classes instead of OT or PT.



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