Question for readers

I’ve got this little shred of an idea that won’t leave me alone but I’m also not sure it’ll work the way my brain wants it to. Would you read a series of books where the main character of the series is absolutely pivotal to each book but not actually the main character in any but the last of them?

The idea is growing on me even though I have more than enough on my writing plate right now and it would absolutely be my Nanowrimo project this year if I had time for Nanowrimo this year.



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3 responses to “Question for readers

  1. Kim

    I like the idea, if you have a common thread that ties all the books together I believe it would work well.

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  2. JR

    So all of the Doctor’s previous companions team up to save the day in the last book?

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    • For me, the Doctor and his companion (whomever it is at the time) are the main characters of the show – the companions all change out but they are certainly main characters in their own right.

      Maybe more like maybe the fairy godmother from cinderella getting her own story after visiting a few more girls in need of help?


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