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Decorating Day!

I haven’t done a black Friday shopping run since my mom died – she made even the hectic shopping fun (granted 20 years ago it was no where near what it is now!). In my house, we have Decorating Day instead. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions. We stay home, watch Christmas movies, and decorate the house. It actually will take us all weekend to get it finished and it won’t actually be finished until Monday when we do the big tree.

The next few days will be crazy busy but, when it’s all done, my house will look a little like Christmas exploded in it and I will settle in with my hot cider and watch the trees twinkle and all the candles flicker and hope for snow (the only time of year where this is the case! And not enough snow to cancel snow – I have too much to do and not enough time).

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love the traditions we’ve made and have been passed down. My favorite is Decorating Day but I love the baking days, making days, that every year I make something at least for my two boys but I try and make things for everyone, I love the silly Christmas movies, silly Christmas songs, and I love that one of my favorite writers is about to do her Advent story.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I have a great deal to be thankful for. Personally: My father is on the mend, my kids are happy and healthy, my husband has my back, and I absolutely won the in-law lottery. Professionally: I have books out in the world, available for any reader, I have a book under contract, and I have three more ready or almost ready to be submitted to places. I hope all of you have as much to be thankful for!

We don’t have a lot of traditions beyond eating too much and watching the parade but I think you have to have at least one holiday that’s easy. Cooking is fun so it doesn’t really stress me out too much. It keeps me busy but why do anything you don’t enjoy on a day meant for happy things.

For those of you going to visit family or counting down the minutes until you no longer have to listen to everyone’s political, religious, and fashion preferences, stay strong, it’s just one day and, if all else fails, playing Adele is apparently a strong strategy!

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Webcomic Wednesday – Wilde Life

My taste in reading material, fictional or not, is very mythology heavy. Mythology, theology, and philosophy are pretty much my favorite topics. It’s what draws me in about fairy tales, paranormal, urban fantasy, high fantasy, and all that. It’s why I love Supernatural and Gabriel Knight and a list of others four miles long. It’s why I write the stories I write (firm believer of the write what you want to read advise). Recently I happened upon a new (to me) webcomic. I happened upon it because I accidentally clicked on the wrong place on one of the webcomics I read MWF.

It’s got a little bit of everything – haunted houses, ghosts, werewolves, subtle nods to other, older myths (baba yaga *ahem*) done so subtly that if you don’t know the myth you might miss it, and there are some little, and not so little, nods to some of the stories my children loved when they were little too. I started reading it at 8:10 am on Monday and I got a little caught up so I read straight through and now I’m a little sad I have to wait days for the next page. It’s now solidly in my list of Read Mes though. If you like ghosts, werewolves, skeptics, and a guy who appears to be the most calm, put together hero I’ve come across in a while, you’ll like Wilde Life.


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All my books

While my dad is in the hospital (doing SO SO much better!) I’m helping pack up his house. It’s been an… interesting… undertaking. I have never met anyone with a better equipped kitchen. I’m pretty sure he has every single gadget ever made in the last 40 years, some of them I’m really not sure what they’re for. He loves to cook.

He also has books – a small library’s worth of nonfiction books, mostly about gardening, Churchill, and church. He doesn’t read fiction that isn’t written by the guy that writes race track mysteries or me. One of the great things about my dad is that he’s always been my staunchest supporter. He doesn’t like fantasy or science fiction or romance but he reads it anyway, for me. He is my first reader and he is awesome at it.

In helping pack I have come across drafts of no fewer than 5 manuscripts (some two or three drafts of each), printed out and commented on.  I also found a couple of copies of each of my books all shiny and still in their boxes waiting to be given to the next person who shows any interest in their subject matter. Because no one supports me and my dream like my dad.

Given all the upheaval and the roller coaster of this month, it very nearly made me cry. I’ve seen all these printouts – usually during daddy/daughter breakfasts that turn into brainstorming and discussion – but I never thought he was keeping them. I wish I had the time to flip through them and remember how Leilani and Blake started (and those weren’t their names!). Maybe when everything is settled down.

He should be getting to go home really soon and the kids are looking forward to it. They’ve been really worried and knowing the doctors are all preparing the way for him to come home is a huge relief to them. And me too. He hasn’t been in the best health maybe ever but he’s always been larger than life, vivacious, full of wit, and just a force to be reckoned with. Seeing him really ill was very disconcerting for us all. He’s not going to be home for Thanksgiving but he’ll be in a place where the kids can visit and bring him dinner so this will be the first Thanksgiving where I’m cooking the bird. I’ve cooked everything else but never that. This could be interesting.

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Progress and admiration

Even with all that’s going on in the land of my father’s health, I’ve managed to get a massive chunk of edits done. My massive may not be your definition of massive but situationally, I’m getting through basically a chapter a day and that’s enough for me. Things are slowly getting better on that front but I really wish we could fast forward the next however many weeks it’s going to take him to get back on his feet.

There aren’t enough hours in the day or, honestly, motivation, for me to do Nanowrimo this year and that makes me sad. The book I’m editing right now started its life as a nanowrimo novel. The novels that are already out there to be read started their lives as nano novels too. I do have books that weren’t started then but it’s just so nice to write when everyone else is writing.

Being pulled in so many directions lately has taught me a few things. First: I need to sell more books so my husband can quit his job because he is so so so much better at the household stuff than I am. Second: anyone who can meet deadlines, produce multiple books and series, take care of family and household stuff and also hold a day job is my idol. Sometimes I daydream about the sheer volume I could produce if I had a househusband… if you want to see what that volume would be, you should buy/share/review my books. We’ll consider it an experiment. How many books could Sarah write in a year if writing was her only job? It probably wouldn’t be a whole lot more than I already do if only because something shiny would catch my eye and I’d get distracted but it is my favorite daydream any way.

Now to get started on my day. I’ve got a chapter to edit, a hospital and stepmom to call, and decorations to put away. I hate undecorating my house but it must be done. Later, if all goes well, I’m taking the kids over to say hello because I think my dad needs that a lot.

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