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While my dad is in the hospital (doing SO SO much better!) I’m helping pack up his house. It’s been an… interesting… undertaking. I have never met anyone with a better equipped kitchen. I’m pretty sure he has every single gadget ever made in the last 40 years, some of them I’m really not sure what they’re for. He loves to cook.

He also has books – a small library’s worth of nonfiction books, mostly about gardening, Churchill, and church. He doesn’t read fiction that isn’t written by the guy that writes race track mysteries or me. One of the great things about my dad is that he’s always been my staunchest supporter. He doesn’t like fantasy or science fiction or romance but he reads it anyway, for me. He is my first reader and he is awesome at it.

In helping pack I have come across drafts of no fewer than 5 manuscripts (some two or three drafts of each), printed out and commented on.  I also found a couple of copies of each of my books all shiny and still in their boxes waiting to be given to the next person who shows any interest in their subject matter. Because no one supports me and my dream like my dad.

Given all the upheaval and the roller coaster of this month, it very nearly made me cry. I’ve seen all these printouts – usually during daddy/daughter breakfasts that turn into brainstorming and discussion – but I never thought he was keeping them. I wish I had the time to flip through them and remember how Leilani and Blake started (and those weren’t their names!). Maybe when everything is settled down.

He should be getting to go home really soon and the kids are looking forward to it. They’ve been really worried and knowing the doctors are all preparing the way for him to come home is a huge relief to them. And me too. He hasn’t been in the best health maybe ever but he’s always been larger than life, vivacious, full of wit, and just a force to be reckoned with. Seeing him really ill was very disconcerting for us all. He’s not going to be home for Thanksgiving but he’ll be in a place where the kids can visit and bring him dinner so this will be the first Thanksgiving where I’m cooking the bird. I’ve cooked everything else but never that. This could be interesting.


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