Webcomic Wednesday – Wilde Life

My taste in reading material, fictional or not, is very mythology heavy. Mythology, theology, and philosophy are pretty much my favorite topics. It’s what draws me in about fairy tales, paranormal, urban fantasy, high fantasy, and all that. It’s why I love Supernatural and Gabriel Knight and a list of others four miles long. It’s why I write the stories I write (firm believer of the write what you want to read advise). Recently I happened upon a new (to me) webcomic. I happened upon it because I accidentally clicked on the wrong place on one of the webcomics I read MWF.

It’s got a little bit of everything – haunted houses, ghosts, werewolves, subtle nods to other, older myths (baba yaga *ahem*) done so subtly that if you don’t know the myth you might miss it, and there are some little, and not so little, nods to some of the stories my children loved when they were little too. I started reading it at 8:10 am on Monday and I got a little caught up so I read straight through and now I’m a little sad I have to wait days for the next page. It’s now solidly in my list of Read Mes though. If you like ghosts, werewolves, skeptics, and a guy who appears to be the most calm, put together hero I’ve come across in a while, you’ll like Wilde Life.



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