Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas. It is my favorite day of the year. I’ve seen most of the Christmas movies (that aren’t Lifetime or Hallmark Movies as they make too many to keep up with). I know most of the Christmas carols. I love decorating – my village is fabulous and my house generally looks like christmas vomited all over it.

This year, I’ve really struggled to get into the spirit of things and it hasn’t helped that I can’t bake the cookies I like to bake or cook all of the things I like to cook. I couldn’t work with polymer clay for my Sarah or Mama-made presents. It has become abundantly clear how much I use my range and oven.  I did make some really neat stuff though that I’m really proud of. I should have taken a few pictures of them but I did not. I’ll show off what I made the oldest boy but the youngest boy’s present is more functional than fanciful.

Christmas and Halloween are the times of the year that I feel both closest to and furthest from my mother. I think she would have thoroughly enjoyed my children. I get sad that she isn’t around but I’m happy to remember her by doing the things we did or continuing the tradition of making stuff to give people. I think she would enjoy that I do that because I like to, not out of some sense of duty. It is really hard to find things to make for certain people (my husband and brother for instance), but sometimes I manage. Not this year but other years.

I’m struggling to sleep this evening because I want tomorrow to get here so I can see my kids go bananas over little things they didn’t know they wanted desperately. Then, on Saturday, we’ll get comfy and watch movies and play with all the toys. I’m so tired but I have too much to do tonight to go to bed just yet.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas surrounded by people you love. I hope you make someone ridiculously happy and that someone does the same for you. If I could bake you all cookies I would. Instead, all I have to offer is my very sincere wish that your day is full of love, laughter, and hope (and Doctor Who). Merry Christmas.



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