First Day of the Year

And I’ve gotten nothing done at all. Outside of cooking breakfast anyway. My youngest son was really missing our usual special breakfasts while we had no oven. Now that I have a working oven and stove, the very first thing he wanted was Bacon Day – bacon, eggs, and round tater tots. That was pretty much all I accomplished. That and a lazy dinner. I did work on something that’s coming up Monday, and for many Monday’s after that one but that’s mostly just rambling about something that interests me.

In a way I was hoping I’d have some sort of urge to be productive but I was just too tired. I just can’t do both – stay up and be up with dogs and youngest child who is apparently physically unable to sleep in on days that aren’t Christmas. I did get a nice nap in and make myself a Wonder Woman ornament. OK, so I’ve not gotten nothing done – I’ve actually managed a few things but it doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything because I haven’t opened up any story files. I need to do that. I guess the day isn’t done yet and I do still have time between now and Sherlock.


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