Dino Day #4

This week I’m going to be writing about the Megalosaurus. Initially, the bone that was found was thought to be part of a Roman elephant and then a giant before it was finally accurately identified as a dinosaur bone. The Megalosaurus is in fact the first scientifically named non-avian dinosaur and credited with being the first dinosaur skeleton discovered but, logically, I tend to disagree with that, just given the prevalence of dragons in mythology.

Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs

Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs

It was bipedal with short arms tipped with hooked claws and weighed in at between 1.5 and 2 tons. It was portrayed for a very long time as being quadrupedal and looking more like a monitor lizard type animal.

A complete specimen has never been found and some of the bones that have been found have been lost to history, leaving only drawings of their existence. Some of the evidence that has been found suggests that the Megalosaurus’ head was overly large for it’s body but there is not enough fossil evidence to say anything for certain.

Famous Megalosaurus:  Earl Sinclair from the TV show Dinosaurs was supposed to be a Megalosaurus.





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