Dino Day #5

Today, I’m posting about the Stygimoloch  mostly chosen because it is great fun to say. Not as fun as plecostomus but fun. When my youngest child was smaller, we watched a lot of Dino Dan – a great show if you have kids that like dinosaurs – and he loved to talk about the Stygimoloch.

They’re a really interesting animal that likely exhibited behaviors we see all the time in the animal kingdom – the butting of heads. It is likely one of the reasons you can find plenty of Stygimolochs represented in the toy aisle. A great lizard with horns and a domed skull that beats said skull off of other dinosaur skulls is pretty much the ideal fighting dinosaur to play with.

Another North American dinosaur, the Stygimoloch is a type of pachycephalosaur and only the eponomous Pachycephalosaurus was larger, though there is some who theorize that the Stygimoloch is actually only a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus. the Stygimoloch was about 10 feet long and about 200 pounds (which actually seems really small for a dinosaur when you picture dinosaurs as giants). It lived during the late cretaceous period and was only named in 1983. It was an herbivore.

Random Science Facts:

Today, since I started these posts in response to stupid, I must absolutely acknowledge the current rambling stupid that has come out of the “famous” people. So, there’s a rapper who believes (or portends to believe) that the world is flat. Such a headache these people give me! My feeling is that there is actually an upside to the media giving a loudspeaker to all of this stupid – it allows the smart to come forward in a brilliant splashy way and maybe some kid sitting on the intellectual fence may discover how awesome knowledge is.




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