Always Be Creating

Lately, words have been hard. Harder than usual and it’s effecting my current WIPs and this blog too. But, I am still making stuff. Sometimes, when words just aren’t working for me, making something a different way does the trick. Besides, I did say I was planning to get that Etsy shop open this year sometime. I don’t have much skill with drawing or sculpting but I am quite crafty. If I could draw, I’d probably be doing graphic novels. I’m pretty handy with a glue gun and decoupage is fun but messy.

I’m not a happy person if I go too long without making something – with words or not. There is something very calming about making something. More often than not, the things I make are more decorative than useful: decoupaged boxes, fabric sculpted reapers and sorting hats, and things of that nature. I may someday veer into useful things but I think I have to be done with all things Wonderland first (I do NOT know why I’m on an Alice kick right now). At some point, I’m going to try my hand at a Jabberwocky but I’m waiting for the inspiration on that one a little bit.

There are some interesting things coming up – a facebook book party on March 9th and a release date for Eldercynne Rising! When I know, you’ll know. I’m really excited about this book if for no other reason than Tenorack (maybe my favorite character in any project of mine, ever).


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