A Music Kind of Mood

I’m in a music kind of mood and being a bit more sentimental about it than usual. At first I thought that maybe the universe was trying to tell me something as everywhere I went, some song I loved once upon a time was playing – in the grocery store, in the gas station, in the car, everywhere. After a few days worth of errands, I realized if the universe was trying to tell me anything at all, it was that my taste in music is pretty broad. I went on a huge Bowie kick this year which led to a Nirvana kick (through Man who sold the world) which led to me hunting down my In Utero CD today.

Some of the music of my youth (image: Sarah Wagner)

Some of the music of my youth (image: Sarah Wagner)

I found a lot of CDs. My entire teenage collection was buried under my more recent CDs (I’m still looking for a few missing stragglers). Most of them have held up even after all these years for the most part. There are a few hiccups here and there (in the cds themselves) but I think after a little more than 20 years that’s not so bad. There is room enough in my heart for all the genres I’ve got – from Bach and Beethoven to Duran Duran, KMFDM, and Otep. I didn’t realize quite how large a spectrum my music took up but I’m having fun tripping down memory lane. I’ve discovered that my oldest kid is a lot like his mama, even if he lacks the proper appreciation of Little Miss Scare-All. Somehow I also remembered how stalkery and creepy the hidden track on Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill was.

Music pulls me  out of crap moods, stirs me to dance, makes housework almost not obnoxious. I know my neighbors likely all think I’m bats – white cat in one arm (and under my chin or in my hair or under my coat), two dogs on their leashes in the other hand, big bright blue headphones on, just bopping along to whatever is on the playlist. I drive my kids a little bats because I sometimes sing what I’m saying.

Every story has a playlist, every main character has a theme, more of less – some of them are real songs, some are only in my head. Most of my poems are songs in my head. More than one short story has been written while listening to one song on loop (this method gets to be a bit much but it works when I’m stuck in a rut and I’m thinking maybe I should give that a try again).

What’s your favorite song you haven’t heard in a decade or two?



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