Gateway Books

It should be a surprise to no one that I have an addiction. To books – holding them, looking at them, reading them, writing them. I love books the way Oprah loves bread (seriously hate that commercial though!). I was an early reader which caused some problems (and some phone calls home) as I got into books that were probably more than a little inappropriate for my age but I can’t help that I’ve been a genre reader from day one. It began with A Wrinkle in Time and never let me go. From the  moment I understood words, I wanted nothing more than to read them.

When I had my first child, I hoped he’d be like me. He read very early, like his mama, but he didn’t enjoy it in the beginning. He liked to show off to adults and read to impress (seriously, adults act like they’ve never seen a little kid read! It’s ridiculous!) but he did not love books. Yet.

I tried a little of everything. I read to him starting with the Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan, The Wind in the Willows but he wasn’t interested. Until he discovered a movie he wanted to see. I told him he couldn’t see the movie until he read the book. So he read the book. That book opened the door and I’m pretty sure he reads more than I do now. It is a wonderful thing to have someone to talk to about all the books I love – Harry Potter got a little dark for a second grader pretty fast so he moved on to Septimus Heap (great series btw), Hank the Cow Dog (so silly), and the Magic Treehouse books but now, we get to talk Ender, LOTR, Dune, PK Dick, Gibson, and even a smattering of King now and again. He has truly become a little (taller than me) me. Except with less horror as he doesn’t like dark and scary so much and I love that.

For him, the gateway book was the first Harry Potter. I haven’t found my youngest son’s gateway yet (or my husband’s for that matter), but I am convinced that everyone has a gateway book – that one book that will open the world up for them. I didn’t have or need a gateway book as I’m pretty sure I was born loving books but I am gathering that I’m the weird one in this (and most) situations.

What was your gateway book?




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2 responses to “Gateway Books

  1. JR

    I don’t remember which was my gateway but I have fond memories of Pee Wee Scouts, A Wrinkle in Time, and Hardy Boys.

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