International Women’s Day

I’d never heard of International Women’s Day before yesterday but I think all opportunities to talk good, strong, female role models are good ones. Despite what you might think, there are no shortage of females – fictional and not – who are worthy of the title of Role Model.

Sarah’s Favorite Fictional Females:

Ellen Ripley, Diana Prince (AKA Wonder Woman), Eve Dallas, Hermione Granger, Leia Organa, and my list could really go on a very long time.

Sarah’s Favorite Real Women Role Models:

Sally Ride, Audrey Hepburn, Ada Lovelace, Mary Shelley, Marie Curie, Susan B Anthony, Sacagewea, Bethany Hamilton, Louisa May Alcott, P!nk, and my list could go on a very long time – there are a great number of women who do/have done/will do incredible things.

Honorable Mentions because they aren’t individual people but a totally awesome group of women that I wish had been around when I was a little girl as when I was little, I would have been all over that! (at least until I moved to a place where ice was hard to come by.)  This is the first real season of the NWHL and the first year of the Isobel Cup. I’m really hoping that this takes off and more cities pick up the franchises (pretty please Pittsburgh!).

If you had to pick your favorite role models – fictional or real – who would you pick?


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