Science Fiction and Science Reality

Today I’m going to combine two things I love – science and stories. We all know about certain inventions that showed up in fiction (written or screen) before they became reality. Things like the submarine, the flip phone, touch screen tablets, and of course the TASER. People are still trying to make a proper hoverboard. Fiction inspires those who know how to create to create incredible things. A snippet of a thing that could be possible can trigger decades of groundbreaking discoveries.

There is a bit of a downside to the connection between real science and fictional science, especially looking at crime and crime fighting. People have seen so much CSI and the like where DNA is almost immediate and every fingerprint or mug shot database works not only smoothly but super quickly. I imagine it’s a lot more difficult to get a conviction without physical evidence that properly tells jurists the story they have come to expect because they see it every week when the scientists from the Jeffersonian tell them exactly everything of importance or the folks at CSI sprayed some luminol and swabbed some fluids to paint a splatter picture. Real forensics is neither that exact or anywhere near that fast. Maybe someday but not just yet. That’s not to say the techniques aren’t being used – you can learn a lot with a mannequin, some yarn, and a bit of knowledge of trajectory.

I’m thrilled to see more interesting technology coming to fruition and it’s really incredible to think of the things that could be real someday. A Faster Than Light engine could make colonization possible. Transporter technology is creepy. Food replicators may become a reality using chemicals and 3D printers (this one is pretty close to being a thing if I’m not mistaken). Ā Perhaps the next step in our communication evolution will be ansibles (seriously, someone has to be working on these somewhere). I’m not touching much on the medical advances I’m waiting for but, for me, that would be the only real benefit of a transporter like device – if I’m going to have all of me ripped apart and put back together, you damn well better remove all the disease when putting me back together!

What technology are you looking forward to becoming a real thing?



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